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A native of Italy, Father Bruno Segatta has practiced and studied art, language and travel since earning his degree from Northridge University in 1982. In the autumn of that year, Father Bruno began his tenure at Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy, as Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs.

There he instructed painting, drawing, design and the delicate techniques of fresco. His own paintings are inspired by the City of Florence and Tuscan landscapes. He utilizes an abstract style with emphasis on color and line. He has taught and inspired thousands of University Students and travelers from all walks of life over the past 30 years. 

Bruno is a man who lives for the betterment of those around him, near and far. A selfless leader and role model, for nearly three decades he’s chaperoned travelers on trip throughout Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa. Along the way he teaches invaluable lessons about life, travel and compassion.

Justin met Father Bruno during his time at Gonzaga University and was inspired to give back the way the Father Bruno has. Va Piano creates Bruno's Blend, a multi-vintage, red blend whose label bares one of Father Bruno's paintings each year. When the wine is sold out, Va Piano Vineyards donates a generous portion of the proceeds to a charity.


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