The Wine Store

 Our Wines are organized into five flights, each reflective of the unique micro-terroirs that make Washington State wines so amazing. From the everyday table wines to small-lot vineyard designate wines from the region’s best vineyards, Va Piano wines are approachable and enjoyable for all wine lovers.

Va Piano Estate-designate wines are only available to our estate club members. Visit the Estate Club page and become a member today!

NOTE: We’re excited to launch our new online store in the coming weeks, but for now our e-commerce is old school: make your selections from the wines displayed here and then contact us so we can manually process your order.


Bruno’s Collection is a value-based wine made in honor of Justin’s good friend and mentor, Father Bruno Segatta. An everyday wine, we make a red and a white every year.

Our OX brand represents our winery, slow and steady wins the battle. This Red Wine blend is an everyday wine that highlights all the brilliant characteristics of our region.

The Yellow Label Collection wines are sourced from some of the best vineyards in the Walla Walla and Columbia Valleys, and are a great representation of what Washington State has to offer.

The Black Label wines are vineyard-designate wines, crafted to showcase specific vineyards that we feel are special. Only the best barrels of these wines are chosen for the Black Label Wines; this collection is limited to small lots of 200 cases or less.